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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 28, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm JST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we are following this hour. >> nhk has obtained aerial photos showing china beefing up military weapons. palestinians in gaza return the home tackle mountains of rubble as a cease-fire holds. cracking down on dealers. japanese authorities are cracking down on shops they
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suspect are stealing synthetic drugs. >> leaders in the philippines are concerned about what's happening in regional waters. >> reporter: philippine officials say they are adding equipment on islands in a dispute in the south china sea. nhk obtained are a richard all photos of the islands. personnel took them in july. it shows a long thin building has gone up surrounded by what appears to be a seawall. compared to another photo taken in february of this year the construction has progressed rapidly. philippine officials say since then the chinese have done a lot
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of work. the spratly islands are located in the middle of the south china sea, china, philippines and others claim them. photos of this reef taken in april show solar panels, radar facilities and what look like machine guns. and they have been militarized over the past four years. photographs show a helioport and agricultural greenhouses and gun platforms. on another reef a white object is believed to be a large radar facility. regional security analysts in the philippines say china is beefing up existing facilities while building new installations elsewhere. >> china is strengthening its capability for an air/sea battle
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in the future. that's one perspective. if we examine all the land features, they are considered by china some military facility. >> reporter: philippine military officials say the chinese have confirmed work to build new facilities in at least seven locations. philippine officials say they are closely analyzing china's activities. they say yu of the islands as an armed site could allow beijing's military influence to be felt throughout the seas and airspace. >> the largest islamic islamic t group has promised resistance. they have claimed a caliphate in parts of syria and iraq and
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there's fears their ideology may reach southeast region. they condemned the islamic state on its website describing it as barbaric. it compared to it a virus. islamic state reportedly has up to 50,000 members. 20,000 come from outside the middle east including an unknown gnome from southeast asian countries. islamic state released a video in july. they are concerned young muslims from asian countries who join islamic state may bring radical ideology back home with them. the government of the mostly catholic philippines signed a peace deal with rebels in march that would set up an autonomous
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region. it would act as a bullwark against islamic's state extremism. negotiators have drafted a bill to create the region and gave it to the president last week. the group's recent announcement appears designed to urge the president to give it his approval. asia and awe usa have agreed to take steps to patch up their relationships. ties have been strained since reports awe usa attempted to eavesdrop on phone conversations of the indonesian president. foreign ministers from both countries met on thursday in bali. they signed an agreement to govern intelligence operations in the future.
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>> the signing of a political joint understanding between the republic of indonesia and australia. >> the agreement includes a principle that neither country will use intelligence to harm the other. there were demonstrations on the streets of jakarta last year following the report that australian intelligence tried to tap the phones of senior indonesian officials. the australian government hasn't confirmed or denied the report. jakarta governor won last month's presidential election and will take over in october. australian prime minister tony abbott said he hoped the victory would mark a fresh start in relations. abbott's government considers indonesia to be an important gateway to the rapidly growing
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asean market. thanks. emerging economic powers still struggling with poverty. emboldened citizens demanding democracy. the threat of violence. the push for peace. the shah dove conflict. get news and insight on south and southeast asia every weekday live from bangkok only on nhk world "newsline". the leader of a group of exiled leaders is demanding an international investigation into last month's riots in china's autonomous region. mobs stormed local government buildings on july 28th. a chinese government news website reported that 37 people were killed and blamed members of the east turkestan islamic movement. the group is claiming independence for the autonomous region. the head of the world uygur congress released a statement in washington.
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>> translator: a lot of uygur civilians have been killed by chinese security forces. but there is no significant reaction from the international community. >> she said it is impossible to know the truth because the chinese authorities have cut off internet access and imposed tight restrictions on the media. kadeer also said the authorities are using drones to collect information on terrorist suspects. israeli and hamas leaders are claiming victory in the aftermath of their latest war in gaza. they signed a cease-fire and preparing for difficult he negotiations ahead. >> reporter: people of gaza are picking through their homes, cleaning up and rebuilding.
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nobody likes war says this shop own. they should find a solution. across the border in israel most are thankful a cease-fire are in place but guarded. >> i'm skeptical whether it will hold. >> reporter: israel and hamas went to war for seven weeks. palestinian militants fired off rocket after rocket. israeli forces responded with air strikes and a ground invasion. more than 2100 palestinians died along with 70 israelis. in the aftermath, there have been competing claims of victory. gazans have rallied among the ruins and marched in the streets alongside heavily armed fighters. hamas leaders sound jubilant. ismail haniyeh says the resistant had the upper hand. israeli leaders seem more subdued. but no less triumphant. prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu says his country made a huge military achievement. some say their government surrendered to terrorism. but others argue fighting won't resolve the deep seeded issues with the palestinians. >> they have to be a state. if they have a state to lose, something to lose. >> reporter: palestinians in gaza have lost a lot already. ade some gains in e cross the border. building supplies will soon follow. but everyone agrees the next round of negotiations will be difficult. hamas leaders want to construction a seaport in gaza and rebuild the airport. the israelis have demands too, including a call for hamas to disarm. before the talks can even begin, though, the cease-fire has to hold. israeli troops have been pulling away from the border. but prime minister netanyahu says if hamas starts firing again, they'll be back.
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japanese authorities are trying to get a step ahead of people they think are selling synthetic drugs. they are raiding shops and forcing owners to take suspicious substances off their shelves and not letting them sell those products again until they have the results of lab tests. >> reporter: synthetic drugs are spreading rapidly in japan, especially among the young. >> translator: even with a small amount i foam at the mouth or feel my heart speeding up. in the end i feel it is more that i could handle and i could die. >> reporter: the drugs have been linked to a series of accidents. in june a car driven by a man
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who had smoked a synthetic herb slammed his car. the incident killed one person and left seven others injured. a string of new drugs has emerged with chemical structures slightly altered to stay on the right side of the law. experts say they can't keep up with the string of new products. on wednesday officials from health ministry drug control office raided more than 30 shops. at a shop staff were ordered to remove synthetic drugs from the shelves and stock. >> translator: it's too late to act after an accident. we will continue raiding shops. when we find violations we'll deal with them strictly.
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>> reporter: officers plan to have raids and bans in more than 200 shops. the raids are a sign that the spread of synthetic drugs has created huge concerns in japan. that means growing pressure over authorities to crack down. nhk world, tokyo. the national police agency plans to ask for a budget of $5 million for counter measures next fiscal year. officials will spend some of that money on equipment and chemicals to quickly detect illegal drugs. a doctor ineffected with ebola has become germany's first patient. the man arrived in hamburg on
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wednesday on a modified plane then was transferred to a university clinic. the clinic specializes in dealing with ebola and other fatal virus. the man can walk unaided and may recovered with treatment. >> it was a very safe situation, all transport details worked extremely well. no danger to the public or to any workers of the rescue team or of the hospital at any time. >> many planes fly directly from west africa to germany so german authorities are on heightened alert. health care workers have not hesitated to help those infected with the virus but many of them have been infected themselves. the outbreak began in guinea in december then spread to sierra leone, liberia and nigeria.
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240 doctors, nurses and other health workers have been infected and more than 120 have died. officials are concerned about the shortage of doctors and facilities. they say health care officials face a range of threats. >> reporter: an expert in infectious disease. he was dispatched by the world health organization to liberia where he saw a rapid rise in the number of ebola victims. >> translator: the hospital had enough beds when i arrived but the number of patients grew quickly during the week, by ten or so each day. ebola is highly contagious and fatal and can quickly kill an entire family. it is a terrible disease. >> reporter: he says the shortage of medical workers is
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increasing the be risk of fatigue and error. >> translator: medical workers can contract the disease through a cut on their hands without even noticing so some have walked away. >> reporter: he has helped set up a new treatment center. initially he fretted about being able to recruit enough medical workers. the fear of infection has driven many away. he was touched by how many locals volunteered for the job. >> translator: i was so glad to see many young medical staff joining. so i'm hoping that the treatment of the disease will improve thanks to them. >> reporter: he educated locals about the ebola virus and how to
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wear masks to avoid infection. he says more help from abroad is vital. he says the outbreak will not be resolved until people stop seeing it as something that only affects west africa. >> translator: know how and measures to minimize the outbreak will help japan and other countries to deal with new infections in the future. we should strive to tackle ebola by pooling our global knowledge and working together. >> reporter: he says he will continue to support the people in this period of desperate need. nhk world. japanese health authorities are dealing with two more cases of dengue fever contracted inside the country. they only just confirmed first domestic infection in almost 70 years. officials say the patients are a man and a woman in their 20s who
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live in the tokyo area. the man is in the hospital with a high temperature. the woman is in stable condition. so is a teenage girl as officials recognized as infected the day before. officials say all three attend the same school in tokyo and have not been overseas. the officials say they may have been infected by mosquitos during a dance practice in a tokyo park. city workers collected mosquitos there and found they were not carrying the dengue virus. they're spraying insecticide as a precaution. dengue fever is transmitted by mosquitos, not directly from person to person. staff at the health ministry are trying to figure out whether someone carried the virus from overseas. japan's financial regulators
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have order the leading south korean commercial bank to suspend some of its japanese operations. that's because of loans worth several hundreds of millions of dollars. officials at the financial services agency say that managers of the tokyo bank fabricated documents and inflated collateral values. the bank executives received kickbacks from bore roers. the agency issued an order for a temporary suspension of operations. this will halt the tokyo and osaka branches of doing new business for four months starting september 4th. executives at australia's qantas airlines are trying to turn business around.
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on thursday, they announced the company posted a record loss. officials say qantas posted a net loss of 2.6 billion u.s. dollars for the financial year that ended in june. ceo alan joyce put part of the blame on a price battle with virgin australia. soaring fuel costs and a writedown of aging aircrafts also dragged on the bottom line. >> there is no doubt that today's numbers are confronted, but they represent the year that has passed and we have now come through the worst. >> in february, qantas executives adopted a restructuring plan. they're laying off 5,000 workers, just about 15% of the total workforce. joyce expects the company to return to profit during the first half of the current fiscal year. japan airlines will buy domestically made jets. the air carrier plans to put them in service in seven years mostly for domestic flights.
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top executives of jal and mitsubishi aircraft announced the deal for 32 planes of the mitsubishi regional jet or mrj. >> translator: we would like to contribute to the birth of a japanese plane we can be proud of. >> translator: i believe the deal would enhance trust in the mrj project in a big way. we expect this will give a boost to the number of orders from now on. >> the mrj has a seating capacity of about 100. officials say the selling point is good fuel efficiency due to the use of lighter weight materials. jal plans to replace its ageing foreign made smaller passenger planes with the mrj starting in 2021. mitsubishi aircraft says it's received orders for 375 mrjs in total from japan's nippon
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airways and other airlines in u.s. and myanmar. they plan to deliver the first fleet to customers as early as april 2017. a 9-year-old girl has accidentally killed her shooting instructor at a firing range in the u.s. state of arizona. she was visiting the range monday with her parents. the sheriff's office release this video of the man standing next to the girl showing her how to use an automatic submachine gun. >> all right go ahead and give me one shot. all right. all right. >> when she pulled the trigger of the uzi submachine gun it recoiled upward and fired a bullet into his head. he was airlifted to a hospital but later died. the shooting range is about an hour's drive from las vegas and
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neighboring nevada. it namely attracts tourists. it says children from 8 to 17 are allowed to fire guns if they are with their parents. >> the shooting is tragically similar to this one in 2008 when an 8-year-old boy fired an uzi, it recoiled killing him. >> the accident is making headlines in the u.s. it's fueling debate about whether it is appropriate to allow children to use guns. a deadly landslide occurred in southwest china late wednesday after torrential rain battered the area. our meteorologist has the details. >> deadly land slides occurred in southwest china. we have some video. a landslide in the rain stricken
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guzhou province have taken lives and injured 22 others. the ground gave way making a deadly and muddy situation for those living in the city. 20 people are still missing. 200 rescuers have been working to find additional survivors but ongoing rainfall is hampering efforts. the heavy rain is over however there's a possibility the heavy rain at times for the next several days. i think more heavy rain is falling over the indochina peninsula because this tropical depression over northwestern vietnam is enhancing the southwest monsoon. rain will be heavy especially for the west coast of the peninsula, so watch out for flooding as well as mudslides. now across japan hiroshima is seeing cloudy conditions. at this moment no rain, however rain could develop once again as we go into tomorrow.
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now across the northern area, sunny weather is continuing over hokkaido and lower temperatures from the north. temperatures in tokyo was only 23 degrees, that's seven degrees lower than normal and that's what we normally see during mid-august -- excuse me mid-october. things will stay quite cool as we go into tomorrow. tomorrow's high in tokyo is 26 degrees but sunny and hot conditions will come back on tuesday. across china quite hot despite the rainy weather and thunder showers once again with a high of 33 degrees. across the americas we have been watching a couple of tropical systems one here is marie. marie is on the weakening track however enhancing and bringing dangerous surf for the west coast of the baja peninsula and
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according to some news one surfer has died due to rough sea conditions. across the east we're watching a hurricane, cristobal. cristobal will stay over the waters but provide some rough seas and swells across the eastern coast of the u.s. as well as bermuda for the next several days and could make landfall in parts of iceland as we go through the next several days. it will provide heavy rains and strong winds across the island. across the u.s. we're watching a strong low pressure system. flooding concern is quite high. this will make its way towards the great lakes region. large hail and damaging winds cannot be ruled out. in the southwest, 33 degrees in los angeles same as oklahoma city and houston and atlanta and across the north cooler temperatures in chicago. that's it for now. here's your extended forecast.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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japan's launch pad for new trends. originally the name of a station, it has now become a brand. shops selling everything from appliances to rover around the station. japan's famous video game and anime subcultures are also a big part of harbor.


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